European Union lawmakers proposed a comprehensive update to the bloc’s data protection and privacy rules in 2012. WTF is GDPR? Their aim: To take account of seismic shifts in the handling of information wrought by the rise of the digital economy in the years since the earlier regime was penned — all the way back in 1995 when …

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Measure twice, cut once — this wise adage explains the value of pausing and making sure you know the potential results of your decisions. With Office 365, there are so many different plans and options that it’s important to know what you gain (or lose) before you choose one.

Office 365: Encryption and control

[Note: this is partially an advertisement, but very informative text on general Office365, encryption and control. It shows the kind of a compliance required by high risk environments, achievable by using third party products and Office365 as a platform] Related

The best password policy? A simple sentence.

20 years of wrong effort.

Encryption: Best Practices

Encryption Everywhere: Best Practices Related

Data Protection Guide

Update: This text was compiled almost a year before GDPR was signed. But it cpontains teminology relevant in the GDPR. Overview Data protection laws exist to strike a balance between the rights of individuals to privacy and the ability of organisations to use data for the purposes of their business. The (UK) Data Protection Act …

Enterprise Content Management is not Information Governance

Enterprise Content Management is not Information Governance Quite a lot is written these days about information management and information governance. Analysts are predicting that effective information management and governance can be a game changer for enterprises. BUt. Doesn’t this sound a lot like Enterprise Content Management, or ECM?  Aren’t there already plenty of successful vendors, ECM installations, …