Office 365 admin settings, important when you start it

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The best password policy? A simple sentence.

20 years of wrong effort.

Legacy migration is one big task

Measure twice, cut once — this wise adage explains the value of pausing and making sure you know the potential results of your decisions. With Office 365, there are so many different plans and options that it’s important to know what you gain (or lose) before you choose one.

Trello for time tracking

Free open-source no-ads Chrome extension. Burndowns, spent vs estimates by team/board/list/card/user/history. Timers, hashtags, reports, charts, offline. Enter Spent/Estimate even from mobile or Firefox.…

Trello for your Projects

Trello for Project Management. Using good OM tool consistently actually raises the level of compliance by making information tracking easier or even transparent. Still controlled and regulated.